Meet Our Team.


Alex Trujillo

There would be no DAX without Alex. Since the beginning of DAX Agency, Alex has delivered nothing but excellence to all of his clients and has created a way to make each one stand out. With extensive experience and a wit that is unmatched Alex has taken DAX from the small startup to the success it is today.

Mike Ortiz

A hard worker always with a smile on his face; that is just one of the ways you can describe Mike. Mike has played many of the key roles in making DAX Agency the best. He’s helped build mega-big clients and still brings in the little guys all while simultaneously being a co-leader and mentor for all of us here at DAX Agency.

Creative Leader

When orange is not just orange but color code #FF4500, Lisandra knows best! As our lead designer Lisandra is all about creativity and aesthetic she can make anything look trendy, unique and modern. Say goodbye to the generic template look and say hello to Lisandra.


Graphic Designer

As our junior designer, Alexis has a mind for branding and an eye for design. Not only does she create professional compositions and designs but she also makes graphics come to life! Through Animation, she tells stories, catches the eye, and adds a little punch to your brand.


"You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note."

Doug Floyd